While life isn't about following the crowd, it's hard to not feel alone when you're taking a different path.

Wearing modest clothing is one version of that in my life. Watching everyone around me--in person and online--participating in cute and exciting trends has often made me feel left out and even frusterated. I want to wear cute things, too! I just want a little more coverage...

Following powerful, stylish women who rock modest and high coverage looks is a great way to get inspiration and feel a little less alone. Luckily, Utah is full of modest fashion bloggers that fit this bill. 

Check out these gorgeous women leading the charge for modest fashion inspo!

1. Emily Smith – Modest Goddess 

Emily Smith truly is a Goddess when it comes to modest fashion. Emily recognized that social media can be a disheartening place for young people, especially for those who have specific standards for modesty and clothing. Her goal is to increase how often young people are able to see examples of modest outfits online. It’s so powerful to see others follow your values, and Emily’s content helps people to feel like they’re not alone! 

Emily smith, modest dress

Emily’s blog consists of modest outfit ideas, modesty hacks, store recommendations for buying modest clothing, as well as articles about her lifestyle. Check out her page here.

2. Kayli – @thenobbygal

Kayli is an Instagram follow MUST if you like modest fashion. She’s a stay-at-home mom who blogs her experiences and gives fashion advice along the way! Her taste is so elegant and chic, and her posts with her cute family are so fun to follow. She also gives cleaning motivation (which we could probably all use) and the occasional hair care tip. 

Kayli Baker modest dress

If you want something brightening you feed, check out her Instagram here. 

3. Keara-Lei – Modest Style

If you’d like a beautifully written explanation of how our clothing affects how we are seen, head over to Keara-Lei's blog, Modest Style. My favorite thing about her blog is her take on the affect clothing has on people, and why what we wear is important. She also has some great articles on outfit ideas, hair and makeup, and general tips on life. While her page hasn’t been active recently, it’s worth reading her past articles! 

Keara-Lei modest dresses

Check out Modest Style here

4. Merrick – Merrick's Art

Merrick’s Art isn’t specifically a modest fashion blog, but Merrick makes my list because all the outfits I’ve seen on her page are great for the modest community! Merrick really does it all, and if you’re looking to learn how to style your clothes, her blog should be a staple for you. She has an outfit guide, tons of style tips, and a sewing page if you’re interested in making some of your own clothes.  

Merrick modest fashion

Overall, her site is so well put together and fun to look through. Check her out here. 

5. Emily Jackson – Ivory Lane

Emily Jackson's blog, Ivory Lane, has hundreds of outfit ideas! If you’re looking for general inspiration, I recommend browsing her page and seeing how she has styled different items together. It’s a great way to increase your fashion intelligence and get you started on making some of your own unique pairings! She also has a guide for her fellow runners, along with a home decor section as well.  

emily jackson modest outfits

Don’t miss her blog! Check it out here. 

6. Amber – amber fillerup clark

Amber’s blog amber fillerup clark is the epitome of cute and trendy! This is another blog that’s not specifically modesty focused, but it offers so many modest-friendly options! Her page is really well made, and you’ll get sucked in reading her articles and tips. Not only does she give stellar fashion advice, she also writes about the latest trends to keep you in the loop. Her page also includes articles on travel, haircare, and blogs about her life. 

Amber Clark, modest blogger

You’ll certainly never bored! Check out Amber’s blog here. 

7. Kat Hawley Cook – Poet Dresses

Finally, our very own Kat Hawley Cook, business women queen, who owns the recently opened Poet Dresses! She herself struggled finding dresses that were cute and modest, so she created Poet as a way to provide those dresses for herself and women everywhere! Her designs are indeed cute AND modest and they’re a must for a modest wardrobe. 

Kat Hawley Cook, modest dresses

Check out her designs here or take a look at her blog here! 

All of these ladies are so inspiring. Have fun looking through these bloggers and finding some inspiration for yourself!

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