Meet Poet

Hi, I'm Kat!

That handsome man there is my husband, Ryan. We are the founders and owners of Poet! He's definitely the brains of the operation, which makes me the brawn, I guess.

Just like every girl, I am on that age-old journey to self-love, and one way I like to express myself is through fashion! However, I prefer higher coverage in my clothing, which has made it difficult to truly build the unique and stylish wardrobe I've been imagining.

There isn't a lot of variety in "modest" fashion and I find that most designs with higher coverage don't have the charm that I'm looking for. I wanted higher coverage clothing that fit my personality, that was modern and trendy, and that didn't cover way more than necessary (if ya know what I mean).

That's where my genius of a husband comes in. Ryan told me that if we couldn't find what we were looking for, we would just make it ourselves. And voila! Poet was born: a stylish, spunky brand of women's clothing with just enough coverage.

In our research for Poet, we've learned that I'm not alone in this journey. So many women and girls are looking for the exact same thing. We are excited to be working together with you to create a community where women who have been largely ignored in the fashion industry can come and feel not only welcome but celebrated.

Meet cute, trending styles with the comfortable coverage you've been looking for. Meet Poet.