Growing up, my parents taught me that church was a sacred place and that we dress up out of respect. As I made my way into my early teens and the beast of self consciousness began to eat at my self esteem (as it does for every young girl), I took "Sunday Best" to a stressful level.

As my fussing continued every week, my Dad--a thoughtful man who happens to be my best friend in the world--took me aside and said something that has always stuck with me, "Before church, we do our best to look nice. But once you're there, forget about it and worship."

This simple idea has stuck with me all these years, and is part of why I love dresses so much. A good dress will make you feel beautiful, confident, and comfortable. I can just throw it on, go to church, and focus on what's important. 

General Church Dress Code

What you wear to church is between you and God and nobody else.

We go to church to worship, so choosing an outfit that makes you feel confident, powerful, and respectful helps to keep your focus on what's important.

Outfits that are distracting to youself or others, feel uncomfortable, or must be constantly adusted can take away from the respectful and worshipful atmosphere.

That being said, church should be a place of love, so never let anyone shame you or make you feel bad about what you wear or don't wear. People will be happy to have you there, but most importantly, God is happy to have you there. So don’t stress :)

With that in mind, I do love fashion, so here are 8 tips and ideas to elevate your church outfits with current trends--just a little help in choosing adorable, comfortable, and respectful outfits for church that can make you feel like your Sunday BestTM!

Church Outfit #1: Midi Dress

Midi length skirts and dresses have been SO popular this summer, and that doesn't seem to be changing anytime soon. This is good news for us girls who love a little more coverage 😉 Take full advantage of all the new and adorably modest options available. Our green floral Limerick dress is a great example of how to take the midi style to the next level! 

Church Outfit #2: Skirt and Blouse

We're seeing a surge of popularity for professional styles in more casual environments. We love a girl boss! A sleek pencil skirt with a bright colored blouse is a fun way to shake up this classic combo. Try pairing a neutral item with a statement piece for a cohesive look. Statement can be made with colors or patterns, so have fun!

A skirt and top combo is also a great investment because having two seperate pieces allows you to mix and match for more outfits. 

Cute church outfit blouse and skirt

Church Outfit #3: Maxi Dress

You will never feel more ethereal than when you come sweeping past the pews in a gorgeous maxi length dress or skirt. First of all, COMFY. Second, so sweet and feminine. The maxi skirt is right on trend with the midi style and there are so many options to dress it up or down. 

It's also a great hack for cold weather to keep those legs a little warmer 😬

 Yellow maxi dress long skirt modest

Church Outfit #4: Bishop Sleeve

Besides the incredible pun of "bishop sleeves" for church, this style is a great way to switch up your boring old long sleeves. Baggier styles are trending right now and so flattering.

Bishop sleeves are characterized by a loose sleeve combined with a tighter wrist and/or forearm. This look is extremely classy and can be done in lots of different ways to fit your style preference.

Long dress skirt bishop sleeves


Church Outfit #5: Layering

Another great trend for us modest-loving girls is layering!

This option has so many benefits including coverage, comfort, and warmth. Church girls have been doing this for YEARS before it was popular, but we can definitely take advantage of the current popularity. 

Throw a turtle neck under a tank dress, or even a dress with short sleeves, and you instantly have an elevated style that is so in.

Layered tank dress knee length skirt

Church Outfit #6: Dress Pants

If you're not really a dress girl, but still want to elevate your style for church, you have tons of options. Slacks or linen pants are still a way to show your respect and worship at church.

Paper bag pants--characterized by the high-waist, pleats that cinch at the waist, and a belt--are a popular style of pants, and give you tons of color options. Pair them with a cute blouse and heals, and you're ready to roll up to church!

Paper bag pants cute church outfit

Church Outfit #7: Texture

Visual and phsyical texture can be acheived through fabric pattern, fabric material, and sillhouette.

Floral platterns of all kinds are very popular right now, as well as cool textures like knit, linen, embroidery, and more. Especially if you're not a huge fan of bright colors, texture is a great way to add some interest to neutral tones and simple sillhouettes.

If you like light, feminine textures, check out our white eyelet dress for a subtle staple item that can be dresses up or down.

White eyelet dress

Church Outfit #8: Accessorize!

Accessories are so big right now. From simple gold hoops to chunky statement necklaces to bougie purses. 

A couple trending options for accessories:

  • ring stacking
  • gold jewelry
  • match your purse color to your dress
  • add a funky shaped purse
  • throw on a blazer
  • kitten heals
  • boots with dresses
  • add a belt
Cute church outfit accessories

I hope you enjoyed some of these style tips! And I hope you feel so beautiful going to church, because you are.



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