It's 2024. You should wear WHATEVER THE H*CK YOU WANT. (Excuse my French.) We love the diversity of women, and whatever makes you feel good is the way to go!

Learning to love your body type is a journey, and dressing for a particular shape is a way many women learn to embrace their beauty.

Dressing For A Rectangle Body Type

Body type calculator rectangle body shape

Common characteristics of a rectangle body type include:

  • Small to average body
  • Bust and hips approximately the same width
  • Narrower hips 
  • Little waist definition
  • Weight evenly distributed
  • Also described as "athletic body type"

If you're curious about your body type based on measurements, a body type calculator can help!

Dressing For A Rectangle Body #1: A Belt And A Little Bit More

Waist definition is big for rectangle body shapes, and throwing on a belt is one of the easiest ways to accentuate your waist and add to the appearance of curves.

Wear clothing that has added volume in the top and/or bottom to add to this effect. Darker colored belts will add a further slimming effect.

Our black and gold dress is a great example of a looser top and skirt with a belt. The added fabric on the top and bottom with the cinched waist create the effect of added curves.

Dressing For A Rectangle Body #2: Peplum

Look for styles that create non-verticle lines. Peplum is a great example of this. Characterized by an extra strip of fabric that flares out at the base, the naturally nipped waist of a peplum top accentuates curves in a flattering way. 

Peplum dress for rectangle body type

Dressing For A Rectangle Body #3: Necklines

Because of the naturally angular, verticle lines in a rectangle body type, adding soft, curving, horizontal lines is particularily flattering.

Curved necklines like a boat neck, sweetheart, and v-neck add visual length to the shoulder and bust area.

This dress is a great example of a lot of things we've mentioned:

Soft neckline and flutter sleeves for rectangle body

A gentle rounded neckline. The way the fabric gathers draws attention to the belt, and the loose fabric above and below the waist accentuates the curves created by the nipped waist. Also, the sleeves are a great choice for a rectangle body shape, which actually brings us to our next point...

Dressing For A Rectangle Body #4: Sleeves

 Choose sleeves that contrast the naturally angular, verticle shapes of a rectangle body, such as flutter sleeves, puff sleeves, and flared sleeves.

This dress is a stunning option for flutter sleeves. It also has an inverted triangle shape on the body--yet another way to add waist accentuation. This would look lovely on a rectangle body type.

Flutter sleeves for a rectangle body shape

Dressing For A Rectangle Body #5: Embellishments

Anything that adds visual weight is a tool to you: bows, lace, bibs, pleating, ruffles, everything. 

If you love bows, try putting it at your neck or hip, rather than at your waist. Adding these types of embellishments at the waistline can compound the rectangular shape.

Putting them above or below the waistline adds visual weight in a way that accentuates an hour glass shape, rather than hiding it.

Peterpan collar for rectangle body type

Dressing For A Rectangle Body #6: Flare

Another way to use visual weight to your advantage is flared dresses and pants. Adding these horizontal shapes and curves can accentuate those shapes in your own body.

Styles like A-line, mermaid, wrap, and layered skirts and dresses will be particularily flattering. Skirts add an easy waist line, like this fluffy layered skirt and blouse here.

Layered skirt for rectangle body type

Dressing For A Rectangle Body Type #7: Wrap

Soft, rolling fabric is your friend. Wrap dresses are particularily flattering on a rectangle body type because it accentuates curves and allows for a personalized fit.
The complete opposite to boxy, angular dresses, a wrap dress is ethereal and flowing. They hang beautifully on an angular figure and highlights the best side.

This dress showcases the wrap style but also a nice v-neck, puff sleeves, and ruffles. The bow at the waist is counteracted by the belt, the flowing skirt and voluminous sleeves, so we'll let it slide.

You could also go for a wrap style that has a more looser fitting top as long as it has a fitted waist.

Wrap dress for rectangle body type

Dressing For A Rectangle Body Type #8: Color

Color is just another tool for you to use. Adding a colored belt will add visual bulk to the waist, while a neutral, monochromatic colored belt will be more slimming.

A common way for women with a rectangle shaped body type to use color, is color blocking. Sharp contrasts and compliments of color in your outfit, when used strategicly, can enhance certain shapes on your body.

A color blocked dress like this one is a way to use angular shapes to add curves to the body. These slanted, more horizontal lines can visually slim and accentuate the waist, while breaking up the verticle lines of the body.

Color blocking for a rectangle body type

Ladies, go rock that bod. <3 

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