Haiku Dress | Black and Gold Dress

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I’ve been eyeing this dress for a while now & decided to finally get it & I’m so glad I did! I am always searching for office friendly dresses that are modest but not matronly looking and this is it! In love!!

It makes me so happy that it was everything you were hoping for! Rock that office, girl!


Kelly Powell
super cute!

I was really excited when I got this in the mail! the packaging is rly cute and pink! The dress is really cute and I love the colors and design. I really like the collar and the shear fabric on the arms! highly recommend!

Love to hear it! The details of this dress really are the highlight. So happy you're enjoying it!


Beautiful dress but it runs small. Cannot get it zipped. Size up and you'll be good!

Cookie IT
A bit to small

Hey wondering if I can exchange for a bigger size

Sizing is an issue but it's pretty

I love this dress. It's beautiful. The fabric and pattern are really top-notch. Unfortunately, I cannot get it zipped so I won't be able to wear it! I don't consider myself between sizes, so I went with my usual size. I should have sized up anyway. Sad. I would give it to someone as a gift, but I don't know anyone this tiny (I'm in my 40s and all of my friends are about my size or bigger because we've all had babies!). Just SIZE UP unless you have a very tiny waist and ribcage.